Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Forward to 2010

There are many things I am looking forward to in 2010. From a non-wrestling point of view, one of the things I am most looking forward to is an end to 2009. From politics, the economy and the general malaise within the television industry, I am optimistic that the new year will be a brighter one than the one we have been struggling through for the 363 days.

From a professional wrestling perspective, I am excited to see a heightened level of energy and interest in the business. TNA has ratcheted up their game, and Spike TV has put some nitrous into the tank with a live Monday Night head to head broadcast and some serious advertising and marketing.

As expected, WWE is reacting to the competition by bringing in Bret Hart.

I am happy for Bret. Hopefully, by going back to work for Vince and the WWE, Bret will be able to put a painful and personally traumatic part of his life behind him. I have always liked Bret as a person and respected him as a professional. It was disappointing to me when I would read or hear comments that Bret would make, that reflected the bitterness he has been carrying around with him for so long. Bret has an opportunity now to write the last chapter of his book in a way that will allow fans to remember him in a more positive way.

I wish the best for Bret and wish good luck to TNA as well.

Clearly TNA is up against a Wall Street mega-corp bully with a billion dollar bank account and a Chairman that thinks only he should have any meaningful market share of the professional wrestling business (even though he's embarrassed to admit he's in the professional wrestling business). It will be an up-hill battle for TNA indeed.

The real winner though, will be the wrestling fans.

Based on the mind-numbingly stupid Raw I had the misfortune of dropping in on last week, perhaps the fact that TNA stepped up and is at least taking a swing at the bully was enough to make McMahon realize that he could not afford to take his audience for granted and continue to shove tripe down the throats of his Goliath "universe" while David was reaching for a stone.

This Monday, lose, or draw I have to give credit to the folks at TNA and Spike. They could have taken the easy path and put their best foot forward un-opposed. That would make the most sense to many people. But by at least getting into the fight, TNA is most likely going to gain the awareness and respect of a completely different audience.

And wrestling fans are not only going to have a choice this Monday night, they will most likely see a higher quality product all the way around. And for that they should thank TNA.


  1. Eric, speaking only of wrestling here, I am very excited to see what Monday holds. I am not looking for a re-creation of the Monday Night War. I am hoping against hope that what we will see in 2010 is a level of quality that has been sorely missing. As a 40-something, my earliest memories of wrestling are Georgia Championship, the AWA and the like. Matches that meant something, with wrestlers who sold themselves to the audience.

  2. Great blog Eric. I am very happy for you and do agree on all of your thoughts. I knew WWE would try something big for Jan 4th and having Bret Hart is as big as it can get. Happy for him coming back and trying to solve his problems....but I will be watching TNA on Monday. I'm McMahon 101 on Twitter by the way! Nice talking to you.

  3. Nice blog Mr B. I'm a fan in England so catch both shows later in the week anyway so the 'head to head' doesn't mean anything really.

    I do want TNA to succeed though, they just need to present themselves in the right way.

    They already have much stronger womens and tag divsions and with the likes of Joe, Daniels, Wolf, Abyss,Lashley, Hernandez and Morgan, added to the bigger names of Angle, Sting, Nash, Foley, Jarrett and of course Hogan the heavyweight division is very layered as well.

    Factor in the terrific X-Divison matches and TNA has all the ingredients lets just hope they can put it all together.

  4. Good comments Eric. Bret has been bitter over the years, but I have heard him specifically call Eric a sweetheart on WWE's Byte This. I think that deep down he doesn't have any complaints about Eric. Hopefully, he will get to let go of any weight he has been carying for the past 12 years.

  5. Yay! Wrestling blog =) I'm hoping for good things in wrestling for 2010.

    Reading the blog it seems that you're talking of TNA from an outside POV. A few of the wrestling sites have mentioned you'll be working behind the scenes with them to create new programming.

    Would you be able to clear up Hulk Hogan's actual role in TNA? He's been on various programs and the latest he said he'd be the Vince McMahon of TNA. Wouldn't that make the current creative team redundant? Some of the wrestling sites have speculated that he has creative control over his character and the creative team would handle the rest of the roster.

  6. I'm very excited for Impact on 1/4 as someone who was a much bigger fan of WWF than WCW in the 90s. Agree completely that motivating Vince McMahon to put some effort in is good for all wrestling fans.

    As far as creative goes, I'm hopeful that Hulk Hogan is actually going to do what he's saying in media interviews promoting the show. Make things somewhat simpler so that people can follow them, allow angles some time to sink in, and copy some of the things UFC has been doing successfully to build to fights/matches and get fighters/wrestlers over. Unlike Raw this last Monday, have more than 16 minutes of a 88 minute+overrun show be wrestling.

    If that happens you will get a lot of fans who have given up on TNA back into the product.

  7. It really is a matter of WWE feeling like they can give us a lackluster product because there is "nowhere else to go". Thank you guys for giving us "somewhere else to go". I think this business that I watch and invest so much money in is the business of excape, of joy for so many people - that gift cant be neglected - what you guys do is provide happiness and thank you for it.

  8. Thank you Eric for making another wrestling blog, I'm looking forward to January 4th and will be tuning into TNA. But the problem with the show will be that at around 9:00 when Raw starts everyone is going to switch over to see what Bret has to say so there has to be something done to keep all of your viewers.

    I know you're an expert in playing dirty so I'm sure you can think of something creative to do. Another thing that I find is a constant problem in TNA is the production with the camera work, spots are being missed here and there and it's very frusturating for the viewer. And I think the biggest issue with TNA is the creative team itself, I have no idea what Hulk has in mind but

    I'm not a fan of Mr. Russo's work at all and having gimmick matches on every regular TV show. The problem with this is that when people are seeing all these gimmick matches they don't care about them when they end up on the Pay Per View. Another thing I'm not a fan of when it comes to storylines is he needs to be a lot better at building towards a Pay Per View and not just having a match as soon as the feud kicks off.

    One thing I always liked about how you did storylines is that they seemed very real, every promo was almost like a shoot and I really liked that.

    Those are my thoughts as a 17 year old "Smark" as they call me and I'm defanatley looking forward to January 4th.

  9. maybe well actually see some wrestling. tired of the midget and the porn stars

  10. Il try to keep my comment short.
    I`m happy that you and Hogan are working with TNA this will be a great oppertunity for TNA to gain notice. Now off to my problems with TNA. Number 1 Vince Russo. I apologize if you have a close friendship with him but im just pointing TNA`s Weakness. Vince Russo Is a moronic idiot. He must laugh his ass off putting Gimmick Matches on iMPACT! and having terrible Storylines. Problem Number 2 The Production Crew. They need to fix the Camera angles because they miss alot of Spots which happens mostly on Pay Per Views. Last Problem Kevin Nash. TNA Needs to keep Kevin as far away from the ring as possible. The man is getting old and he doesn`t have it anymore. I`m afraid he might tear his Hamstring by Running again...
    But anyways thats about it. Thank you for reading my comment Eric. I hope TNA wins the war against WWE.

  11. I always enjoyed your character, whether in WCW or WWE. Hope to see you on TNA at some point in the future. As a WWE fan since 1998, I crave for fun and exciting wrestling once again. I fear that with TNA bringing in Hogan, Hall, Nash and the continuing pushing of older stars, and with Vince Russo, this whole thing will be a circus. My expectations for the live Impact this Monday are low - I really want TNA to pull through and go in a new direciton that is fun and exciting. I'm pulling for TNA...


  12. Well if Vince McMoron can have the fans like him again just for bringing back Bret The Hitman Fart seriously he has sort of succeeded
    If I were Bret I would not go back he will end up feuding with Vince@ WM 26 yawwwwwwn
    Seriously! If WWE Circus can bring Bret Hart
    T N A can bring THE ROCK ! Yes you heard me?
    The Rock DWAYNE JOHNSON!!! Thats right!
    Why not! I know TNA is all hush and quiet and got their ammunition all ready to attack
    I also want to see G O L D B E R G Thats right! Other wise McMoron will win and gloat about it for weeks and months bring back that magic formula of Monday NIght Wars again when WCW was destroying WWE ! History will repeat again!

  13. I also like to see a reunion of the old guys again outsiders of nWo reunite such as Hall,Nash,Xpac and so on and why not!
    And any of you dissing the old stars careful I like them ok!!
    We still have DXakaDPX deep penetration x boring us still with HHH and HBK and a midget
    wow! I rather see nWo anytime than DPX!!

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  15. Mr. Eric Bischoff, Please improve the product in TNA, it needs a ton of work, and please have more creative and real life like story lines, and please, PLEASE, bring back the 4-sided ring. The 6-sided ring just comes off as confusing to the average pro-wrestling fan in the United States. Having a 4-sided ring in TNA would instantly give it more of a "level playing field" feel to it if TNA's ring would look like the big boy's ring. The 6-sided ring just comes off as too minor league in my opinion and I think a lot of other pro-wrestling fans feel the same way I do. Congrats on taking on this project Eric, it takes guts and you and everyone else in TNA all definitely have what it takes, I wish you all in TNA good luck in the near and distant future.

  16. In my opinion, right now is the most exciting period the industry has seen in a very long time. Although much is being kept secret regarding what changes have taken place and will take place in TNA both talent-wise and behind the scenes, I have no doubt that TNA in it's new era will not only provide as an alternative, but will become the standard bearer in the industry. That is why I have been supporting this oncoming era in any way I can.

    Fans have become unhappy with the WWE product, and for about 8 years now it has been considered the "face" of pro-wrestling. This has hurt the industry. Many fans stopped watching pro-wrestling, stating, "Wrestling's not good anymore". However, it wasn't pro-wrestling that became stale, it was WWE specifically that became stale, which of course devalued the entire industry in the eyes of the public. Now, TNA is getting the attention of fans who are unhappy with the WWE product, and is luring fans who stopped following pro-wrestling after giving up on WWE completely.

    As for Bret Hart, he was one of the biggest names in pro-wrestling during the 1990's. However, there is a big difference between that and being the biggest name in pro-wrestling history, as well as one of the biggest names in the world. That will play an important factor this Monday night. Plus, we must remember WWE's current target audience. Some of them were no older than 8 years old during Bret Hart's prime of popularity (which ended when WCW closed it's doors), and many of them were not even born- how much will Bret Hart's appearance matter to them?

    Since you have personally experienced a war with the "Wall Street bully", I understand your view that TNA's battle will be an up-hill one. However, remember the state that WCW was in when you took charge. It was in the red, and before you could concern yourself with competing with WWE, you had to deal with WCW's financial issues. As far as I know, TNA is currently not dealing with a financial burden like the one that was handed over to you as a result of the preceding WCW eras of Jim Herd and Bill Watts. Also, WWE creatively is currently a shell of what it was in the early 1990's. Their target audience was children, as it is now. The difference is, in the 1990's, children enjoyed the product- WWE was giving fans what fans wanted to see, as opposed to giving fans what WWE wanted them to see.

    I have no doubt that TNA will surprise many people, as WCW did in the late 1990's. No one had ever thought that a promotion would push WWE from the top of the pro-wrestling mountain, yet WCW did exactly that. It was a temporary situation, but nonetheless, WCW proved that it could be done. I believe that it will happen again, but this time the final result will be different. WWE didn't defeat WCW, management defeated WCW- and I don't mean management in the WCW office. I'm referring to the management that was above you. It appears to me that Panda Energy International wants to see TNA succeed, and won't try to hold it back.

    2010 is going to be VERY interesting.

    Harold Williams

  17. thank you Mr. Eric Bischoff, i am a fan of wrestling from saudi arabia , or you can call it the middle east if you want

    wrestling before was More famous and desire for different levels in the social or even the one who is old 80 like to see wrestling like the one who is old 15

    Perhaps the difference in those days that the people thought that the wrestling was a compete like boxing or ufc and not acting show

    But in the end of the nineties wrestling tend to be entertainer more than compete thing, and this led the fans to continue to see wrestling by enjoy with this road " more Entertainment"

    The problem is that with the passage of time wwe forget that this is wrestling show , not a series show in Disney Channel

    I think its difficult to get the same popular like before because there are better entertainment on the television and there is a real wrestling on TV as well ..

    i feel tna want to return the focus in wrestling .. And make things look real , by stories such as jarrett & Angel , or old and new wrestlers .. And other such stories

    I think the problem that TNA did not adopt the "characters" correctly .. In addition to that , these stories did not continue in properly way and may abruptly end it without feeling by fans that the sotry is end

    Perhaps if TNA able to increase the popularity of wrestling again, even a little .. Maybe we'll admit that WE get something new and great in wrestling in 2010


  18. Hoping TNA can pull something off interesting when they show Bret Hart on RAW around 9pm perhaps bringing in The Rock Dwayne Johnson is your only hope and Randy"Macho Man"Savage as well
    GOLDBERG too! We used to advert and convert to WCW (dubya c dubya) as Dusty Rhodes once called it but the resurrection of TNA (WCW) can prove differently and head to the right direction with proper control and not everyone controlling it like it was in WCW!See how your competitor does and follow the same ways
    We wrestling fans are sick of WWE Circus
    its not wrestling anymore it is a circus with embarassing wrestler athletes calling themselves "performers" more talking and comedy sketches than anything else I feel watching RAW is like watching Saturday Night Live with their guest host concept!
    Many wrestling fans have decreased and went to follow a real sport which is now mocking the Wrestling World "UFC" I feel TNA has to be real and different from WWE Circus or you won't get the fans converting to TNA Wrestling!
    I feel TNA will win it but do it right with caution!

  19. Its time that Vince Mcmahon stops insulting our intelligence and puts on a good wrestling show. The problem is that once WCW broke, there hasnt been any competition for Vince, therefore he was happy to go back to the 80's cartoon circus, he didnt need to take any risks!! So gradually the product has gone back to the cartoonish tripe prevalent in 80's and early 90's with green midgets to boot!!

    Mr Bischoff, PLEASE PLEASE make TNA good, not only for gettin to TNA a better market share, but also so that the competition i.e WWE starts shakin things up. Let the product be focused on WRESTLING. Does NOBODY realize in the WWE that Vince is effectively eliminating their core fans i.e the young male demographic in the age of 18-30?? The wrestling industry in the Attitude Era was built on the shoulders of this demographic and now this same industry is ignoring these fans. Shame on Vince.

  20. First Eric, I just want to say that I read your book, "Controversy Creates Cash" and enjoyed it greatly. I won't even waste my time commenting on your post because I want to direct this more towards the "fans" out here.

    Let's face it guys, the Attitude Era was the greatest time in wrestling. It will probably go down as the GREATEST ERA of wrestling anyone will ever see! It was definitely a great time for the wrestling industry. However, the things we saw back then was so unreal. The magic and the excitement that was there altogether... WOW! Talk about a rush! However, times change. Guys get olders. Evolution takes course. And, WCW died. This allows for Vince to not go balls out now. It was absolutely genius! He knew that no one could even touch him. It was time to pull back. Get less risky. Why put out all your best material when you don't have too? He understands the demographic he lost. Face it, alot of us who are now 20-38 years old made Vince McMahon a VERY rich man. He also gave us a lot back in return. Think of all the skits they did and all the props they used. Expensive shit. Vince McMahon didn't kill the wrestling industry, "WE" did.

    I'm not trying to say that the WWE isn't stale and outright boring now, because it really is. Half the time, I fall asleep watching it now. However, I'm not going to complain. If I want to watch something better, I can always change the channel. Obviously he still has most of us watching because we're sitting here complaining and whining about it now. Either way, still a win-win for Vince.

    With that being said, I am very excited to see what Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan can do for TNA. Personally, I've always liked TNA for all the wrestling they use to do. They are still putting on some of the best matches on weekly television regardless. 16 total minutes of wrestling on an 88 minute show is pathetic. Downright sad. I'm glad I work Monday Nights right now in fact so that I don't have to watch this crap. However, Jan 4th, 2010.. I will NOT be at work. I will be right here flipping back and forth between shows like the good old days. Because if this is only a one time deal, I'm going to get the best of it!

    However, in my own opinion, if TNA wants to last and want to recreate the Monday Night War, I hope they can. I do hope that they also know they're rightfully place, which will be behind the WWE. Could they, maybe beat WWE in ratings? Like Vince use to said, "Anything can happen here in the World.." etc.. BUT, don't for one minute try to think that they can run Vince out of business. It's not going to happen. Bring some exciting, battle back and forth in the ratings and make hella money in the process. Sounds like a good time for the wrestling industry and for us fans as well.

    Thanks for taking time to read this.


  21. Eric,

    It's been a while since you and I have written (if you remember giving wisdom several years ago a 30-something looking for advice on returning to the ring), but I have been following your business moves continuously.

    I have never been the biggest TNA supporter in the past, because despite the talent that exists on the roster, I couldn't get over the low production values and above all that, I can't take the 6-sided ring seriously.

    I'm going to check out the January 4th show (along with RAW, of course) and see what you guys plan on bringing to the table - and hope that you will continue to bring fresh ideas into TNA. I have a great deal of respect for your business acumen (as well as Hogan's) and am sure that if anyone can start turning TNA into a player, it is you.

    I wish you the very best of luck. Impress me - I know you will. Happy New Year.

  22. My fantasy card for the 4th would involve Eric Young being stripped of his belt and the title being rebranded as the super heavyweight world title with Lashley facing Morgan to declare the champion at the top of the second or third hour (so a champion is being crowned on TNA while Vince is involving Hart in a little person joke).

    I would want to change the perception of what wrestling is-- I would like to get rid of the pinfall and leave victory to KO or submission; IE, if you're powerbombed, there is no point in a pin because you're KOed. It would create a different in ring product, with wrestlers grappling and winning on their backs.

  23. Eric, for the love of God, please bring back the 4-sided ring, PLEASE!!!

  24. Im over in britain so we will get to see both shows on different days,I am a big fan of wwe and always will be.But i hope tna becomes stronger,I have always been a massive hulk hogan fan and am glad to see him back.But very saddened its not in a wwe ring for the last time,I personally feel betrayed by hogan not returning to the company that he help to built.But with bret finally returning whos to say in years to come he may once again return to us(wwe)

  25. Great blog. I agree with Austin on the 4-sided ring being brought back. The 6-sided ring is too gimmicky and the core fan can't take that ring too serious.

  26. All I hear right now is talk. I am not gonna kiss your ass. I know you are amazing at what you do. But again, it is all talk right now and all I hear is you bad-mouthing the competition. When you did that before and gave away results, you sounded like a desperate man, and it did nothing to help you.

    I am looking forward to seeing what TNA can do to make that loud noise to get people to tune in. The question is, can you keep us tuned in?

    And most importantly, can you do it with product and not desperate tactics?

    I am a fan of ALL wrestling and I want to see a product competition, not a couple of corporate children calling names saying "I am better than you!"

    Try it, and I may stay tuned in.

  27. Eric,

    From a wrestling perspective, the talent on the TNA roster is exceptional and ahead of the WWE, specifically the cookie-cutter younger talents coming out of FCW. I do not blame this on Steve Keirn or the other trainers as I am sure they are following marching orders from Stamford, CT.

    My personal suggestions for TNA would be:

    1. Make the World Title the goal of all wrestlers on the roster.

    2. Equate the World Title with making more money.

    3. Eliminate nonsensical heel / face turns.

    4. Give fans a reason to make a personal emotional investment in the wrestlers (ie, show them training, their humble beginnings, their hobbies).

    5. Slow down the 20 bumps in 30 seconds flurries.

    6. Work individual body parts like the Anderson's in the 70's and 80's.

    7. Make moves meaningful again (DDT, superplex)

    8. Continue to build around AJ, Desmond, Joe and Daniels all the while working with Angle, Steiner, Dudley's, etc.

    9. Bring in guys for 1-off's like the Sandman, Sabu and ROH / NJPW guys who are not under contract or can be loaned in talent exchange agreements.

    10. Call it is wrestling, not sports entertainment!!!!

  28. A War is coming Jan 4, 2010 :)

  29. Hi Eric,
    Personally i havnt watched WWE since you left RAW as GM, its old boring and has Vince's ASS all over it.

    TNA needs to step up its game, its progressed alot, but really they should retire Nash and others that are getting OLD, and put them in color commentator jobs or somthing that keeps them in the picture.

    Bret is after closure i guess, but we all know he will get a screw job done to him again by Vince before he comes around and joins TNA.

    On Hogan, yeh id like to see him in action again, but seriously Hulk your getting old, this isnt the 80's were you were cast as the main man, you know it, and its time to let the newer guys like AJ shine. TNA could use your help. Just do me a favor punch Foly out.

  30. all i got to say is this, we want to see wrestlers out of there element, i would love to see hulk hogan wrestle a different style, only so many times "hulking up" works.take chances and show us a different side of your charector. we dont want to see you or any wrestler do the same thing day in and out, over and over, change it up a bit. i mean cmon, how many people want to see john cena do that friggen 5 knuckle shuffle again, its sickening while the other wrestler lays on the mat for 28 seconds for him to get the move off. we want to see the Oh Shit! john morrison, there isnt 1 match of his that isnt worth watching, that guy is AMAZING! always something new, and inventive, we know you older wrestlers cant move like that, but PLEASE show us something different, how many times do we need to see kevin nash do the same crap for the last 9 years...cripes! desmond wolfe is prime example, he shows us some awesome moves and keeps u watching to see what he is going to do next.thats all we ask for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Ring shape: I would want to expand the hexagon ring's diameter, replace the ropes with an MMA style cage, and put the shoe on the other foot, making the WWE look like the 'rastlin' show.

  32. I'd love to see a return to wrestling on one of the shows. TNA tried to compete by becoming a Jr. WWE. Let's hope that changes this Monday.

  33. I just hope tna brings back some reality to wrestling, instead of making me my brain hurt everytime i watch raw.

    i feel the same way sometimes when watching impact. i also feel that talent is so over exposed. cutting down on the silly multi person matches on ppv that shouldnt even be on ppv yet in the first place would be nice for the new year.

    cutting down the number of ppvs tna has right now would only help the product. IF possible financially at all, id say no ppv til october Bound for glory, or move bound for glory to december like starcade was. and then make it the first new tna ppv. with building a stronger tv product that is all about pushing that ppv all year, then move up to 6-8 ppvs a year . a 1 hour womens show would be great as well. and a monday show. maybe a 3 hour monday show and impact stays 2 hours on thursday. both live.

    rebuilding of the x divsion. and an x divsion tag title (just like you did in wcw at the end when you and fusient were going to purchase)

    x divsion used to be equal to the heavyweight title. and it could again.

    and most of all, getting out of the impact zone and touring.

    also would be wonderful if tna could get rid of that six-sided ring, it just makes the show look too bush league. a 20x20 ring would put tna on a level playing field to the audience.

  34. All I have to say is be sure to have Hogan debut against Bret Hart's debut. If Hart comes on right at the 9 pm hour make sure Hogan comes on at the 9 pm hour on Spike. Simple as that. If not that, make sure people watching TNA who are just curious WWE fans don't want to switch to RAW right at 9 (or 8 central where I am). Get it? Whatever TNA has planned for its biggest moment of the night (which I'm assuming is Hogan's debut) has got to be head to head with RAW's biggest moment which is Bret Hart. And it must be done with luxary of being able to start before 9 pm and finish after 9 pm with no commercial interruptions, which is why I like the fact that you are starting your show an hour before RAW starts. Happy New Year, especially for what will be a big year for Pro Wrestling.

  35. I can see the topic going on about the 4 sided ring and its been already reported that Bischoff did in fact talk to TNA to do away with the 6 sided ring it's been reported in wrestlezone!But while WWE only had Bret Hart
    It won't be long before he gets screwed again by Vince and Shawn and head to TNA! It will repeat again!I want to hear from fans out there where Dixie Carter asks who would we like to see in TNA my answer is THE ROCK
    How many of you would like to see this happen on TNA on Monday Jan 4 ,2010 Coz it is the only chance they got now to increase and triple ratings!GOLDBERG would be a must as well
    Hell If Randy Savage enters TNA on Monday would be enough to get the roof down
    So tell me guys which wrestlers popping in TNA can win over WWE Cirus and Bret Hart
    Would it be The Rock Dwayne JOhnson? how many of you would like to see this happen in TNA??

  36. TNA firing the first shot. Hmm...

    I praise TNA for having the guts to go up against WWE on a Monday Night -- which many consider ratings suicide and I agree -- but what have they actually loaded their gun with?

    Why should I be excited about Hulk Hogan's debut with TNA? What's he going to do? What reason have TNA given me to give a damn? What excitement is there surrounding TNA, because the 'Head-to-Head' aspect has already worn off. TNA have had nearly a month to create an interesting show.

    On the card:
    - Hulk Hogan.
    - TNA Knockout's Title Match.
    - Knockout's Tag Team Title Match.
    - 'A few new faces.'
    and... that's it?!

    WWE have announced the 12-years in-the-making return of Bret Hart, Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton, and a big title match. They did that in one night.

    It's not that I don't like TNA, but I don't get the logic. They've had they've had a pay-per-view, 4 iMPACT!'s (one of which being four hours). They cancelled one show due to Christmas, and devoted the four hours to one division. The only other thing they've done is endless video packages about Hulk Hogan's supposed changes. A revolution. What changes? What revolution? What's the hook?!

    WWE have the hook, it's Bret Hart's return and his confrontation with Vince. TNA have Hulk Hogan, with no scores to be settled, no beefs to be had... nothing.

    TNA are aiming at WWE with a hand-gun, while WWE is loading up their tank. You do the thinking.

  37. If there's one talent you absolutely need to sign to bring in ratings...

    It can only be one man...


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  39. Give RVD an offer and opportunity he can't refuse! I have a feeling that it just doesn't mean a particular dollar amount. Get him signed Eric!

  40. Mr. Bischoff,

    I surfed onto your blog today and I wanted to throw a comment your way regarding the January 4th "war of ratings" so to speak.

    While I am happy for Bret Hart, I certainly hope that Vice McMahon has good intentions for Bret. I worry that Vince may be just using Hart to try to beat TNA in ratings rather than actually looking to help Bret out. Bret deserves a lot of credit for the kind of work that he has done and continued to do on the independent circuit. I think Vince knows that the fans have wanted to see Bret back in the WWE for years ... And he is just preying on that to beat TNA.

    Vince, I think, is taking the whole "Hogan to TNA" thing very personally. If you notice in the WWE blurb before all their TV shows it used to feature Hogan saying "Hulkimania is running wild." As soon as he was signed with TNA it was changed to a Ted DiBiase Sr. clip,
    "everyone has a price."

  41. Let's face it, wrestling sucks, it always has and it always will. The only reason I watched more than one episode of it was because of Eric Bischoff.

    I look forward to see what you are doing in 2010 Eric. You are a true champion and entertainer.

  42. As always, I get a kick out of hearing your thoughts. Now here are mine.

    TNA should do exceptionally well considering they've been advertising this to the point where if I see one more Hogan commercial I'm going to do my TV in with a baseball bat. So good for them. I'm sure they (or you all) will draw a few more fans that you normally would have. However, I don't know why people keep saying that Vince McMahon is using Bret as a counter attack. Where's your proof? The way I see it, Bret and Vince have been talking all summer long so what makes you or anyone else think he didn't plan to have Bret return for the 1st Raw of the new year months ago? I believe it's just a coincedence and "TNA" is using Bret as a way to get their name in the media. Whatever works I guess.

    In reguards to the person to said Vince is taking this Hogan thing personally, why shouldn't he? DX has been plugging Hogan's DVD (which I refuse to buy) and Hogan's talking junk? Ha!

    Someone above stated it perfectly. TNA's firing guns while Vince has a loaded tank prepared for Monday Night (and possibly a DX tank). This was was over before it even started. I highly doubt we'll be seeing a "war" between WWE and TNA; it's looking more like a war between Hogan and "Vince". (Vince in quotes since the chairman of the world's biggest wrestling company is yet to say anything about this war.) Hogan is completely turning me off to TNA whereas before, I planned to watch TNA at 8 then watch Raw at 9. (Sorry but it's been 12 years since Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart have been in the same ring, let alone the same building. Plus no Cena on Monday night. That's 2 wins over TNA for me from a personal standpoint.)

    TNA has a lot of gifted wrestlers but you guys love to knock Vince, but sometimes you're no better with your gimmicks. I'm STILL waiting for the MCMGs to get a chance. Unless I have to stomach one more Hogan interview, I'll be watching TNA at 8 then Raw at 9. Good luck to TNA and Dixie. You're going to need it.

    And for the guy who actually said Rock or Austin would go to TNA, you must have lost your friggen mind.

  43. I think Austin and wwesangelnef are marks and out their minds! RVD doesn't include Ratings lol seriously he is not that popular!
    You need THE ROCK! RANDY SAVAGE! GOLDBERG! That = RATINGS! and for wwesangelnef stick to WWE Circus if you think Koffee Kingston vs Randy Orton will increase ratings = boring!
    Hart is not as popular as Hogan!

    The Rock is not into WWE signings nor does he like Vince McMoron you think I am out of my mind huh Well I can tell you this if Mr Bischoff can bring the Rock Dwayne JOhnson into TNA right there = RATINGS 3x
    Who cares about Bret Shitman Fart many do not recall who he is and you all sound so professional and worried thinking WWE will win
    Are you forgetting Hart is not as popular as Hogan is wherever Hogan goes everyone follows
    Noone cares for Hart because Vince is using him for ratings whatever happened to bringing Rock on Jan4th all of a sudden it was changed to Bret Fart!No wrestling fan knows who he is
    and many were kids and others were not around when the montreal screwjob happened!
    Hogan is bigger and better than Fart
    Like I said if they don't bring The Rock Dwayne Johnson since he dislikes McMoron
    TNA will lose the ratings and bring in RIc Flair and you got the ratings hitting the roof
    so wwecircusangelsnef you are a mark !!!!!
    Rock dislikes McMahon he took his award and badmouthed them all he is TNA Bound he is closer friends with Hogan so why the hell not ROck belongs in TNA now!! He even turned down WM26!

  44. WWEsAngelNef you are a mark and a nerd Vince can lie to all the wrestling fans and say John Cena won't be on RAW and before you know it have him appear on RAW just like the Royal Rumble where Cena was injured but bought him in at #30 to win the Rumble!And everyone keeps talking about Hart WAKE UP you marks! Vince is using Bret Fart hell Hart will job to Vince McMoron at WM26! I wish all you guys quit being so excited Vince will use him for ratings
    and watch him quit before WM26!Vince likes to be sarcastic saying he did it for the fans he never did he did it for ratings and Hart is nothing he ain't no Randy Savage,Ric Flair,GOLDBERG or Hulk HOgan!!
    All of including Matt Saye,WWEmarkangelsnef praises Hart like a Mesiah jeeeez bro noone cares for Hart as Vince is anti-canadian!
    Its a 12 year things !WOW big deal! Bret Hart will have to job to Vince@ WM26 how is that for your information? Where is the respect? None he has his boytoy Cena and HBK by his side
    He is only using Hart for ratings when its over Hart will be screwed and he ll be heading to TNA watch!A repeat of 12 yrs ago will occur again in full circle! Vince only cares about VInce! Noone else not the fans not Bret Hart!
    I heard The Rock might be in TNA from someone in another wrestling forum lets hope he does make a grand entrance coz he is more popular than Bret Fart!!!

  45. Mr Eric Bischoff

    If there's one talent you absolutely need to sign to bring in ratings...

    It can only be one man...


    THE ROCK in TNA = 3xRatings!

  46. Lets hope they bring in Ric Flair and DDP
    I d like to see The Rock in TNA that would boost ratings!

  47. TNA needs more matches like Desmond Wolfe vs Daniels. It had fans cheering "This is Awesome". I hope this doesn't end up with Hogan getting the title belt, that he is there for his knowledge not to compete.

    Kids who weren't born when Hart retired will still know him from the video games that he appears on.

    Don't see the Rock returning since he's doing well making movies.

  48. Haven't watch wrestling in a long time, but TNA rivaling WWE on Monday Nights is just awful for so many reasons: 1) not that many fans are into wrestling, just look at the ratings Raw receives an average of 3.6 or 3.4, while ECW has an average of 1.0, WWE Superstars averages .8, and i don't know what the averge ratings for Smackdown is but i'll guestimate and say 1.8. Just by looking at WWE's ratings justifys that there isn't any wrestling fans.
    2) TNA is an upstart company that was formed in 2001, with Jeff Jarrett (right?),and the quality of their product is shitty. it tries to be WWE with their "soap opera" storylines and not to mention TNA does have wash up has beens i.e. Billy Gunn, Bobby Lashley (who was in WWE), Kevin Nash, Road Dogg, Booker T, etc.
    And the ratings isn't great either.

    Now before anyone bashes my opinions, i do think its great for two companies to compete but the time isn't right. TNA should compete with WWE, once everything is established i.e ratings wise and letting people know who they are, such as creating a different identity for themselves. If TNA wants to compete with WWE, they shouldn't be seen as WWE "lite" or WCW part two.

    Or maybe the competition between these two companies, can ignite a spark and make wrestling a fun thing to watch again. I guess, time will tell if there will be another war on Monday Nights...

    Then again, since Shane McMahon is no longer with WWE maybe he can create a wrestling organization mixed with MMA (since MMA is the hottest thing right now)and that will create something new to challenge Vince.

  49. Well since all the ignorant and idiotic marks probably watched Bret kiss and make up with his bf HBGay I don t know why? There is a feud there as I said Vince will beat Bret@ WM26! Somehow TNA maybe passed the ratings maybe not but the nWo reunion is great better than DPX! But no GOLDBERG,RANDY SAVAGE and THE ROCK I doubt their #s will go high but lets hope it did
    RAW sucked ass big time the 15 mins speach with Hart and Michaels was fine and the matches were awful and crappy! The ending is what I anticipated for a WM showdown wow right below the belt for an old mcmoron!
    Like I siad if TNA can pull off WCW cliffhangers and have lets say GOLDBERG show up near the end or beginning of the show
    or say The Rock Dwayne Johnson since he is no way heading to WWE Circus! Where is SID? no DDP tonight? either!

  50. Justinnightmare, TNA does not have to copy WCW cliffhanger tactics, it wont work this time. TNA needs to be different from WCW or WWE in order to succeed. During the monday night wars, im sure a lot of wrestling fans hated the stars switching brands gimmic, sure it got interesting to see which wrestlings jumped ship, but it got boring in the end.

    And Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is working out a deal with WWE, he wont sign with TNA.

  51. maybe you are right RazzleDazzleMeGM but if that is so Why did Rock turn down Jan 4th edition of RAW he doesn't want to host WWE and he does not want any part in WM26 besides Hogan is friends with Dwayne so I don't see why they cannot bring him in! He badmouthed WWE when he was presented the award and the wrestlers!Many said Flair will never ever head to TNA never rule out he did!Why can't the ROCK? Rock in TNA=3xx ratings! So Eric if you are reading this please bring him into TNA
    Hell bring me into TNA!

  52. oops, ment it was interesting to see which wrestlers jumped shipped.

  53. Justinightmare, The Rock wasn't scheduled to host RAW on January 4th, he was scheduled to host RAW on January 11th, but he apparently turned it down, and its now offered to Mike Tyson.

    Once again, just caused the offer was turned down does not mean he won't make any future appearances. TNA should not sign the Rock, if he doesnt have the heart to wrestle, he should stick to acting or whatever. As for Goldberg, he definitely wants to stay away from wrestling, and he should continue to do what he wants.

    TNA needs to create its own established wrestlers, instead of relaying on past superstars ie. Hulk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair etc. Unfortunately, it appears that TNA might be a re-incarnated WCW that hasn't learned from the past.

  54. Some of you have no idea how the business side of things work in the wrestling business. I may be new at it but I had the best promoter to learn from via Eric Bischoff. I followed all of his tactics and business moves and I have studied him well. TNA needs a name like Hogan to sell the brand as a serious threat to WWE. TNA won in the ratings by gaining almost a million new fans while the WWE lost over 400,000 fans. Raw 3.3 TNA 1.5. Bischoff knows what he is doing all to well and I respect him for it. TNA needs a mind like Bischoff and a face like Hogan to move to the next level.

  55. Well Mr Eric Bischoff

    I told you if you signed Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" it would ve been fringin 3xx the ratings!
    RazzleDazzleMeGM The Rock will not wrestle JOhn Cena atWM26! Mind you if they added a special guest unnannounced hate to say it folks SAVAGE,GOLDBERG or THE ROCK
    TNA would ve been 2.5 or more! What TNA should ve done was keep RIC FLAIR a suprise and not ruin it by showing him! The nWo reunification loved it better than Deep Penetration X (HHH and HBK)! I see a main event of Foley and JJ vs Hogan and Angle! Lets hope I am wrong!
    Jason Cook you are right about TNA but critics were saying TNA won't go so high if they only did the impossible and signed THE ROCK and then extend their middle finger to Vince McMoron and shut up!

  56. samething goes for WWE Circus RazzleDazzleMeGM
    WWE has Undertaker,HHH,Shawn Michaels,Chris Jerkiko,Big Slow,Batista,Cena,Rey Mysterio,KANE and now Bret Hart
    Here you are telling me TNA needs to create its own established wrestlers, instead of relaying on past superstars ie. Hulk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair etc. Unfortunately, it appears that TNA might be a re-incarnated WCW that hasn't learned from the past.WWE needs to establish and create new wrestlers Sheamus is a start until he jobs to HHH@WM26 and wins the title
    I don t mind if it goes back to WCW how else are the fans gonna go back on how it was
    they are continuing from where they left off before McMoron killed WCW

  57. Jason Cook, Hogan may create a significant draw to TNA, but he isn't a large draw, because if i remember correctly when he went into WCW in 1993 it didn't create a buzz until he morphed into a major heel in 1996; when he created the persona of Hollywood Hogan.

    Im afraid TNA will be a reincarnated WCW, where history repeats itself and McMahon will win.

  58. Justinightmare, McMahon or eric bischoff didn't kill WCW it was the business side that killed it ala Time Warner.

    Sheamus is ok, but i dont see him as a big superstar yet, doesn't have that much charisma. Yes, i do know that WWE is also relaying on past wrestlers such as Undertaker, Jericho, John Cena, HHH, HBK, yet you have forgotten that they have great mid-carders like the Miz, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Trent Croft, Harry Smith, TJ Wilson aka Tyson Kidd, Drew Mcintyre, etc. If those stars were pushed correctly, im sure that WWE would have huge superstars, but the WWE Creative Team isnt smart enough to use them, therefore they under utilized the young talents and used the older talents.

    TNA has young stars, yet i believed they'll be under utilized once they start jobbing to Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, Nasty Boys, Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, etc. Therefore, TNA is starting to become WCW and history is unfortunate to repeat itself.

  59. Oh and Justinightmare, im aware that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will not face John Cena at WM26, it'll be John Cena vs Sheamus for the title for the 4th time. yes, sadly that's how predictible WWE has become.

    Still hoping for Shane McMahon to create a wrestling organization mixed with MMA to compete against his father, since he is no longer working for WWE. or better yet, have Shane, Paul Hayman, and Eric Bischoff to start a new company, anything can happen...atleast i think so.

  60. RazzleDazzleMeGM you talk like you are a WWE Mark hmmm what do you possibly even know about wrestling?For WWE Circus as some people call it
    WM26 was orginally supposed to be Undertaker vs John Cena many fans nicknamed (John "fagboy"Cena) with 3 moves wow hardly a wrestler for WM26,HHH vs Shawn Michaels,Edge vs Chris Jericho and so on now it seems to have gotten worse and changed
    Wrestlezone reported WM plans are as follows
    Michaels vs Undertaker,HHH vs Sheamus (sorry not fagboy Cena)Batista vs John Cena and he won't win why the fans are sick and vomitting of Cena why else did most of the fans tune into something else to watch!
    You talk like you think you know wrestling business very well so what if TNA becomes WCW and if history repeats itself great only permanent guidance that TNA will destroy WWE for good and not temporarily in the ratings!!
    As for Shane McMoron who knows if TNA has gotten in touch with him to join the ship
    like TNA said many suprises and as for THE ROCK
    he is heading to TNA if the money is right he said that long time ago he wouldn't mind heading to TNA
    Lastly since Justin gave me a chuckle with the gay kiss and makeup between Bret Hart and HBK
    sadly its pathetic to even watch these 2 old farts!Talk about hippocricy Hart is not a big draw compared to Flair,Hogan and Savage!
    But the #'s show that many fans want to advert and convert to something called Wrestling
    and not a comedy sketch mixed with late night soap get it! I bet you are a big fan of fagboy right?

  61. oh here is your WM26 predicted matches not how you predicted it Batista vs John Cena = Batista winning him again
    Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (expect both of them to head to TNA) especially Michaels and Batista!
    Chris Jericho vs Edge
    Vince McMahon vs Bret Hart
    HHH vs Sheamus
    and your comments about TNA being WCW is so false why? coz of the nWo ? Aren't we all sick of DX (DPX Lmao) as Justinightmare calls them
    DPX I got 2 words for them = they suck

  62. It's amazing how the board has been quiet for a week, some wrestling fans you guys really are? It took a prince to shut everyone up, lol
    Anyways I am hoping the 2 major Stars TNA is trying to bring in or 1 major Star Jeremy Borash has confirmed would be none other than Dwayne"The Rock"Johnson trust me on this Mr Bischoff 3xx the ratings please bring him in
    Bring noone else but The Rock first so you can destroy WWE pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

  63. Portugesse Prince, i'm not a WWE mark,i was just stating the obvious that WWE has become a predictable/stale product. As for your predictions, there horribly wrong its Cena vs Sheamus for the title for the fourth time. HHH vs HBK (DX Breakup finally) Hart vs McMahon etc.Yes, as a fact WWE is utilizing the older stars rather than the younger stars, because WWE "creative team" aren't creative enough to use them.

    Likewise, TNA is doing what WCW did in the past by using older stars rather than pushing younger stars. I dont wanna see Nasty Boys vs Team 3D, nor do i wanna see Hulk Hogan vs Jeff Jarrett etc. Or Scott Hall being drunk, sluring his words like what he did on Monday Night.

    If TNA wants to succeed, they need to do something creative and not be a WWE or WCW lite. they need to be a "true alternative" and established an identity themselves.

    Do we really need to see which wrestlers jump ship? I don't think so.

  64. Justinightmare, i highly doubt that signing Dwayne Johnson in TNA will increase ratings. if he does go to TNA, the ratings will likely be a 2.5

    Just face it, wrestling isn't as popular as it was in the mid 90's to early 2000's. Hulk predicted his debut would increase tna's ratings, and WWE predicted that Raw's ratings would increase with Harts reurn, apparently both companies predictions were wrong.

  65. RazzleDazzleMeGM it has been stated on Wrestlezone that WM26 is HHH vs Sheamus,John Cena vs Batista because they cannot get THE ROCK!Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker and Edge vs Chris Jericho so where do you get HHH vs HBK for WM26?and Cena vs Sheamus? Cena/Sheamus happens at Royal Crumble Hell I don t want to see HHH vs HBK they already fought at SS in the past don t wanna see it again!
    As for the 2 major Stars TNA will get lets hope it is The Rock going to TNA and it won't be 2.5 rating but more like 3.5-4.0 think of it they can continue their feud!
    As for Nasty Boys vs Team 3D don t care much for tag team division but they have many compare to WWE! Jeff Jarrett will not face Hogan although they are trying to build that from the last time Jarrett wacked Hogan off the head with the guitar!
    Its gonna be Lashley vs Hogan now that is interesting to watch!

  66. I think you are all forgetting the key to making anything work in our business. That key is prober marketing which is what TNA signed Eric for. It doesn’t matter what name is brought to TNA unless prober marketing is produced with the said name.

  67. LOL RazzleDazzleMeGM looks like Randy Orton my man will win the title off Sheamus aT ROyal Crumble better than having Fagboy"JOhn Cena" as champ phewwww lets hope TNA will bring in Booker T back and The ROck Dwayne JOhnson!
    I think these are the 2 major stars TNA is teasing us

  68. Jason Cook, how can TNA properly market itself with using Hulk Hogan, Nasty Boys, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, etc? about a slogan that states "Where the old men play?" Catchy aint it?

    TNA "shock and awe", tactics might work after all.

  69. Justinightmare, i'm starting to think Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might be the "huge" star debuting at Genesis, then again it might be some one else like Goldberg. Most likely it'll be Goldberg and Buff Bagwell.

    BTW, John Cena and Randy Orton are hott! Although, I think Cena is on steroids.

  70. Well TNA can market their product by making wrestling look realistic like UFC stuff like they once did they can create a slogan "where the boys really fight"!!! No skits no comedy just pure action Total NOnstop action!!
    WWE cannot mark their product properly when you still have the old guys RazzleDazzleMeGM
    Cena,Batista,HHH,HBK,Jericho,Undertaker,Mark Henry,KANE,Rey Mysterio etc
    The only one that has the talent and knows how to keep WWE on top is Orton!
    Speaking of Orton what did you mean by Cena and Randy Orton are hott?? :~/

  71. BTW Mr Bischoff if you really get Dwayne Johnson to debut in Genesis offer me a job in TNA I can change things around

  72. Justinightmare, if you really want to know what i mean by Randy Orton and Cena being hott is they're attractive good looking men that turns me on whenever i see them on tv. heck ted dibase and cody rhodes are smoking hott (love them)!

    We Were Entertaining (WWE) does push the older guys.

    Hmmm...TNA making itself like UFC? So does that mean adding an MMA element into their product. sounds good, and it might work.

  73. Oh and face it Dwayne Johnson wont sign with TNA, because he's busy filming and promoting movies. The big superstar who'll debut on GEnesis is Bill Goldberg...major yawn.

  74. LOL@RazzleDazzleMeGM Tooth fairy is a flop with Dwayne JOhnson which he is copying Hulk Hogans movies (Mr Nanny) his movies are no good and even though he is filming movies what makes you think he cannot wrestle part time , they can easily add a lucrative deal somewhat close to Bobby Lashleys deal he is pursuing MMA so he is still in TNA
    You even said GOLDBERG won'thead back to wrestling so the 2 major Stars is ROck and Goldberg
    And I wouldn t quite call it a yawn for GOLDBERG he was far the best wrestler next to scsa who sucked big time!!
    I didn t know you were gay but afterall wrestling is a homoerotic sport so is UFC

  75. Lets hope it won't be BOOKER T returning on GENESIS as the major star?

  76. Justinightmare, it looks like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is going to back to WWE. This is what he stated on the toronto sun "The plan was for me to host Raw on January 11, but then I had to go to Mexico to promote the movie (tooth fairy). The idea of me going back to WWE is intriging and exciting." Then he states "Will i go back? absolutely. The goal is to go back and do something special. I talked to Vince (McMahon) a couple of months ago, and we're trying to come up with something. After I wrap (filming of action movie) Faster, maybe in the summer I can go back. So there you have it, he hasn't bashed Vince or We Were Entertaining (WWE) in any shape or form.

    One of the big stars to debut in TNA tomorrow is Mr. Kennedy aka Ken Kennedy ex WWE "Superstar" bleh.

  77. I already know its Mr Kennedy Anderson as for The Rock heading back maybe TNA can offer him a great deal and change his mind afterall Ric Flair was loyal to wimpy wrestling ejaculation lol but Flair signed with TNA he has been saying it for 10 years already his movies are a flop HOgan is great friends with him take kennedy anderson back and bring us a real star instead I rather have booker T than kennedy anderson he sucked in wwe he was prone to injuries everytime

  78. Mr Eric Bischoff

    You got to bring in GOLDBERG! Since you guys cannot get Austin or The Crock Dwayne Johnson
    At least get GOLDBERG even Mark Madden is saying this on his column for crying out loud
    Get rid of val penis (sean morley) and Ken Kennedy(anderson) he is prone to injuries that won't raise your ratings
    He is da man Stone cold Bill GOLDBERG listen to your fans not your instincts!!

  79. Eric Bischoff:

    Forget HonkyTonk Man bring In RANDY MACHO MAN SAVAGE !!

  80. I have loved all the shows in January so far. January 14 (the night after the live show) was a little weak, but last two weeks including tonight were brilliant. The backstage segments are awesome, Bischoff's character is interesting, Hogan's role is VERY intriguing and keeps me guessing. What is his relationship with The Band, what is Bischoff doing, why is Bischoff faking getting hit by Foley.

    Not sure if Foley and Bischoff are buddy-buddy right now. Mr Anderson is hilarious. Jarrett came out to no entrance theme. There are many elements of intrigue that I like. I actually enjoy the Nasty Boys. I watched Knobbs in CCW and he gets how to sell the moves, sell the promos. Saggs is pretty entertaining as well. I love playing the internet heel and seeing the other side of things.

    Russo is great and although Bischoff and Russo have their differences, if they can be grown men and put differences aside and work together for the best - agree to disagree - the stuff that they do agree on could really be extremely awesome. Bischoff 1995-1997 was cutting edge stuff; but Russo/McMahon came back in 1997-1999 and won with the Attitude era. I think WCW 2000 with New Blood/Millionaires Club - Russo/Bischoff era as short as it was - is pretty awesome as well.

    Looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Dixie, Hogan, Bischoff, Russo - more change, more unpredictability, more surprises, more twists and turns, more action, more live shows! I can't wait!

    Go TNA!